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"A tough call to up the ante on a brilliant album like "Three" but you have done it with III Mysteries guys ! Again the packaging is amazing and frustrating in equal measures lol?? A punchy album, slick production and every track a slice of excellence. WE LOVE IT"
Brian Jardine - Facebook

"Pretty much the only time I'm happy buying CDs is when they arrive from this bunch. Mine turned up this morning, and once again I am utterly gobsmacked by the care and attention to detail that has been lavished on this wonderful package..."
Neil Spragg - Facebook

"The new Krankschaft album is an ass kicking space rocking monster set. I played it three times at work yesterday. Highest recommendation. And check out the packaging. It's a challenge making CDs aesthetically pleasing but Krankschaft have pulled off a stunner with this one. "
Jerry Kranitz - Facebook

"This is a genuinely great record that more people should buy. Top notch! Everything is rocking, the songs are varied but the vibe is consistent; the production is interesting and psych-y"
Carl Edmund Anderson - Facebook

"And damn good it is too! A companion piece to the last one and the perfect antidote to those wallowing in misery singer/songwriters!"
John Wadeson - Facebook

Krankschaft in 2023/24:

Kranky Update:

The new album is written and is currently being mixed, if we can ever decide which of the three of us should be loudest it will be released..

Meanwhile we're being asked to do gigs, so we're back at Onboard the Craft in September headlining Friday night, it's a great little festival we've played before, a good weekend is guaranteed. We're pleased to report HRH Prog have asked us back for the 5th time! no idea what day or time yet, but watch this space.

Nothing else to report, life goes on..